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Pravah is an award winning nongovernmental organisation based in New Delhi. Officially formed in 1993, pravah started its journey in 1992 when some enthusiastic individuals, decided to spread awareness about the ongoing injustices. After the communal tensions and violence spread in 1992, these young individuals, stood for the betterment of the society . they started by spreading awareness through small interactions with school students, locals, and other institutions, through mediums like, theatre, presentations etc,  gathering support and public opinion. Finally, in the following year, it was registered as a recognized organisation. By working with youths and other diverse youth organizations, it is looking forward to impact issues of social justice. Through many youth programmes,  Pravah has helped youths to explore and build their leadership qualities.

: this programme has helps youth, with real enthusiasm and exciting minds,  to get involved in activities which will make them more responsible

Youth For Development:  this helps the youth to take stance in the developmental issues prevailing in our country

Global exchange: this enables the youth to know more about other countries, about their cultures and issues prevailing in the country. Collaborating with Voluntary Services Overseas-UK, youth volunteer for 3 months in India and UK

And many more….

Pravah even works with school students belonging to the age group 13-17 years, towards active citizenship. Through the programmes, ‘From We to Me and Friendship Underkhatola Camp, pravah has been successful in crating awareness among youths and inculcate in them active life skills, they even take urban adolescents to villages and let them interact with kids there, and learn their culture and way of living.

Pravah has even launched a number of campaigns on various issues of social justice, these campaigns have till now reached  150 school, with 150,000 participants, CBSE invited pravah to wrote a few chapters in the NCERT books.

Pravah has expanded its portfolio to include teacher training through programmes, the world is my classroom, teachers resource centre,  and educators collective, it has facilitated the teachers to bring in new circular including topics related to social issues and life skills, within the existing educational framework. It also makes them aware of citizenship issues prevailing in society

Every year through Parvah youth volunteer spend 20,000 hours on 40 organizations across india. Parvah was even appreciated by International Bureau of Education , part of UNESCO.

From the past decade parvah has expanded and has been successful in mobilizing youth and developing their skills. It has grown to include over 25 expertises belonging to various fields and has collaborated with over 40 Indian civil society groups. This organization is  a great platform for the youth who want to develop their leadership qualities, spread social awareness and for those looking forward to a social change.