Restoring Faith in Humanity

Though its been 65 years, since father of the nation was assassinated, but, there still are young minds in our country who have not forgotten the value of humanity. On the eve of this Gandhi Jayanti, certain students of Delhi University along with NGOs and other social activists, spent time with the less fortunate of […]


PAST WEEKEND I WAS STANDING ON A RED LIGHT SIGNAL, waiting for it to turn green just when in a vehicle beside me, a man age around 35-40, is surrounded by 4 men of fine built. I see them and think what are they upto, jut when this thought process is running in my head, […]

Overwhelming Past : INDIA

Its year 2030…and I just came across an e-article about Uttarakhand floods. an! That was a real disaster. While researching around this article, I also realized that 2012-13 was a year filled with utter humiliation for Indian chauvinists. Newspapers were crowded with news that could easily force your smiling curves inverted. The dilapidating state of country was reflected in the […]

Asaram Bapu– An Idol of Faith or that of Deceit?

India, a country where people postulate more in religious miracles than scientifically proved events, where people exhaust huge portions of their salary in gratifying stone structures rather than investing it for some productive purpose, where people walk barefoot on burning coals just to secure a place in heaven, where people possess more trust in their […]

We believe everyone can make difference.

Here we are narrating a “The Starfish Story“. The story goes like this “A man was walking along a deserted beach at sunset. As he walked he could see a young boy in the distance, as he drew nearer he noticed that the boy kept bending down, picking something up and throwing it into the […]

Delhi Police: At its best!

At 2:20 am today (18th Aug., 2013), at the Shri Digambar Jain Mandir, Lodhi Colony. As I finished taking this picture of the CityMakers sleeping in our Shelter, in front of our office (IGSSS, Institutional Area, Lodhi Road – 110 003). We saw the this police gypsy stopping in front of us. They got a […]

All it Costs is a Little Love.

With 6th august being observed as organ donation day, there’s still lack of awareness amongst Indians about organ donation and organ transplantation.  Union Minister, Vilasrao Deshmukh’s death in Chennai, resulting after the failure to find a live donor shows how serious the problem of lack of organ donation in India is. Though, there are a […]

Protest against the RTI Amendments on the 6th of August

The cabinet has cleared amendments to the RTI Act which will be introduced during the upcoming Monsoon session of Parliament. This move to amend the RTI Act is a sharp reaction to the recent Central Information Commission order, which declared six political parties to be public authorities under the RTI Act. It is critical that […]

Homeless Campaign

Homeless Campaign by InduPrakash Singh  What was happening before our intervention: It was year 1996 when I started working on the issue of Homelessness as a researcher. During my survey of the secondary sources, I found that there was hardly any matter available on the situation of Homelessness in Delhi, there were some studies, which had […]

Problem of Hunger Among Homeless

Problem of Hunger Among Homeless by InduPrakash Singh  I too live on a pavement in old Delhi area. And I know how people live on pavements. If one meal is available then for other times in a day one has to sleep without food. I mean to say that food insecurity on the street is always […]